Due to payment issues on the platform, please proceed to complete your payment on GobricksMOC, the website we cooperate with

Step 1

Feel free to browse and place orders for products on EKBrick

Select the 'Security Payment' method on the checkout page.

Step 2

When you complete your order, the payment link will be shown to you. Please copy the order number from the current page.

Step 3

Visit the payment website:

Based on your order amount, select the quantity of items you need. For example, if your order is $18.39, please choose a quantity of 183 on the product page. Then add to cart and checkout.

On the checkout page, please double-check the total amount and remember to enter your order number from EKBrick in the 'Order notes' section. You should also provide other necessary personal information, but we will rely on the information provided on EKBrick.

When you complete the payment on GobricksMOC, we will promptly verify the invoice and arrange for shipping. Please ensure payment is made within 3 days, as orders not paid within this timeframe will be canceled.

If you encounter any payment issues, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support at